Electrical Conduits: A Free Armaflo Buyer’s Guide

Finding the right electrical conduit for your equipment or task at-hand can be a challenging task. From considering costs to identifying the specifications and features you need, making the right selection can save you time, money and hassle. In the latest blog from Armaflo, we share some top tips on how to choose the right electrical conduit. Thank us later!

It’s true: whether you’re a homeowner or a large business, choosing the right kind of electrical conduit matters. Whilst there is so much choice out there, making the wrong selection can result in leaks, unwanted costs and unrestricted electricity flows. In our electrical conduit buyers’ guide, we share some tips on choosing the right solutions to keep your equipment and systems functioning efficiently, avoiding some of these common pitfalls. 


How to Choose the Right Electrical Conduit: Armaflo Tips

Certain electrical systems call for a specific conduit system. In the following steps, we share some simple advice on making the right choice from the beginning:

Know your application: When choosing an electrical conduit, it’s essential to know the application for its fitting. Your specific application will not only dictate the material of the fitting, but also the specific features you need to stay legally compliant. Staying compliant brings an added benefit in that you can proceed in confidence that your installation has been conducted properly, ensuring both quality and safety. 

Know Your Materials: Electrical conduits typically come in a wide variety of materials, ranging from galvanised steel and nickel-plated brass to nylon and die cast zinc. When choosing your electrical conduit, try to think about its materials, its design and its suitability for the job you’re working on, as well as the influences in your environment like oil, salt water and common solvents. 

Know Your Size: If you don’t have vernier calipers to hand, you can use a simple ruler to measure conduit and enclosure openings to the accuracy of a millimeter. Getting the size right is really important in that it can guarantee leak-proof connections, saving you significant costs in wanted repair and replacement work. At Armaflo, our team is on-hand to help out with this part of your electrical conduit selection!

Know Your Accessories: Ensuring accurate connections with your electrical conduit can often require the right choice of accompanying accessory. Regardless of your needs, Armaflo provides a free consultation service to ensure you have every conduit accessory you need, ranging from dome covers & support clips to couplers, end boxes and crampets

Know Your Supplier: Forget travelling around various stores and suppliers to find your couplings, mounting brackets and other essential parts. Armaflo is a one-stop-shop for all of your electrical conduit needs, ensuring that you can buy all of the parts you need to complete assembly in one convenient place. After all, when it comes to choosing electrical conduits, who needs the hassle?


Armaflo Product Promotion: The Flexible Conduit Range 

Do you need flexibility and ultimate durability in your electrical conduits? Look no further. Armaflo currently stocks a selection of flexible conduits that provide high mechanical protection whilst being highly flexible and weatherproofed. Here’s just a few of the flexible conduit products on offer:


Choosing the Right Electrical Conduit: You Can Call on Armaflo 

Unsure about the type, size or material of electrical conduit you need? Don’t panic. The experts at Armaflo are on-hand to discuss your requirements, helping you determine the best choice of electrical conduit. To get started with a free consultation, contact us today!

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