Enjoy Ultimate Convenience with the Armaflo Metal Cutting Service

When it comes to our customers, we understand that time is of the essence. Modern day construction sites run according to tight production and project schedules, and few companies have the time and resources to deal with slow, inefficient service providers. That’s why we’re proud to offer a professional metal cutting service that offers some of the shortest lead times on the market. 

It’s true: time is one of the most expensive commodities out there. And, whilst our customers demand convenience and rapid response times, that shouldn’t come at the cost of quality. Fortunately, our professional metal cutting service ticks all of these boxes, helping our customers make significant time savings whilst enjoying an end product that meets our highest standards. 

Armaflo: Metal Products Cut to Your Requirements 

The cutting of metal products typically demands advanced machinery, as well as the skill set to operate it.

Rather than investing in pricy machinery and costly training programmes, companies can get the metal cuttings they need in the dimensions they demand by choosing the Armaflo Metal Cutting Service.

Carried out using advanced cutting technology in our Leeds-based headquarters by our trained and experienced staff, the Armaflo Metal Cutting Service cuts almost any metal product to your specific requirements.

Whether you need one length cut down or specific measurements for a large job, just enter your requirements in the custom cutting options and Armaflo will take care of the rest. You can count on us!

Here’s just a few reasons why our customers trust us for our professional metal cutting service:

  • Bespoke cutting: Our metal cutting service is all about providing you with the lengths and dimensions your job demands. For products that have a custom cut option on the product page, simply enter the length you require and the price of the cutting will be displayed instantly. If the product you require doesn’t offer a custom cutting option, just get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to deliver.


  • Cost savings: When you choose the Armaflo Metal Cutting Service, you can make significant cost savings. Whilst there is no charge, there will be no need to buy a full length – meaning you only pay for what you want. Our service means you can cut metal and cut costs at the same time!


  • Industry-leading service: The Armaflo Metal Cutting Service is trusted by companies throughout the UK for the unrivalled service and unparalleled choice it offers. Whilst we offer the technology, skill and experience to deliver what you need, we also stock a comprehensive range of pre-cut channel and threaded rod.


  • Short lead times: In today’s business climate, speed means everything. That’s why we’re proud to offer next-day delivery on all pre-cut lengths, with our service saving your business hours of product time otherwise spent disposing of excess waste on-site. 


  • A safer approach: When you work with Armaflo, you can eliminate several health and safety risks involved with metal cutting. We remove the risk by taking care of the job, removing any requirement for a hot works permit. It’s as handy as it gets!

Our industry-specific focus on the electrical and mechanical sectors enables us to tailor our products and services to provide the best customer service every time. Discover the benefits of the Armaflo Experience today with our celebrated metal cutting service!

The Armaflo Metal Cutting Service: Get Started Today

When you choose the Armaflo Metal Cutting Service, you can expect a hassle-free order and delivery service that redefines quality in the industry.

To get started with your metal cutting project, reach out to a member of our team who will be happy to help. 

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