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Armaflo Advice: Rooftop solutions

Rooftop solutions for supporting rooftop installations.

Every project comes with its own construction needs and challenges. For rooftop installations, this is no different. Today’s flat roofs must support an ever-increasing amount of lightweight and heavyweight equipment.  The installation supports need to be long-lasting and keep the roof membrane intact.  Rooftop solutions offered should ideally be highly adjustable and time-saving to help address issues such as labour costs and limited crane availability. It is also important to consider wind resistance and compliance with the latest safety regulations.  This is where our roof support system comes in.

How we support you!

You might not be able to answer some of these rooftop-related challenges on your own and that’s where we come in. From small AC units to high-load machinery and equipment support, we can do it all – and more!  Our rooftop solutions are not only time and cost-saving, but they are also non-penetrative, leaving the roof membrane intact and reducing the risk of leakage.  Some of the items we supply include the flexi H-frame, the rubber mounting foot and the mounting blocksAll these can be purchased straight from our website.

Our knowledge is available to you!

Send details of your project and based on your project requirements, our technical team will deliver you an all-inclusive offer, including detailed load and wind calculations, CAD drawings and parts lists. All to make your life easier.


Our three key commitments to you

We’re fully focused on your first-fix M&E needs

We apply our expertise to help you strivers succeed

We provide supply certainty on every order