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Latest News: Your vital role in the new safety act!

Today we are talking about your vital role in the new safety act!

Enacted in October 2023, this legislation imposes stringent requirements on what it terms ‘higher-risk buildings’.  It stated that structures standing at least 18 meters tall or with a minimum of seven stories comprise at least two residential units. Building owners have to establish a comprehensive building safety regime.  All higher-risk buildings that are currently occupied need to register with the Building Safety Regulator.

The electrical cables powering various systems within these buildings, such as smoke and heat extraction systems, are pivotal in aiding fire services during emergencies and facilitating safe evacuations.  The Act stipulates that a Principal Accountable Person failing to register an occupied higher-risk building “without reasonable excuse” may face either a fine or imprisonment for a maximum of two years.

The Building Safety Regulator assumes oversight of the safety and efficacy of all buildings, with a particular focus on high-rise structures. Its mandate extends to promoting competence and organizational capacity across the sector, encompassing building control professionals and tradespeople.

Meanwhile, the National Construction Products Regulator (NCPR) is tasked with enhancing the effectiveness of the construction products regulatory framework. It spearheads and coordinates market surveillance and enforcement efforts throughout the UK. Already, the NCPR has initiated enforcement measures within the ambit of existing regulations.

In conclusion, the enactment of the legislation marks a significant milestone in prioritizing building safety, particularly for higher-risk structures.  The focus on establishing a comprehensive safety regime is down to the building owners.  And it underscores a commitment to ensuring the well-being of occupants and the broader community.  Hopefully, this blog helps you to realise your vital role in the new safety act!


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