Product Training: Unistrut Cable Tray

 Ep.8 – Weekly product training, this week we cover Unistrut Cable Tray with Roy Harmer.

Cable trays are mechanical support systems that can support electrical cables used for power distribution, control, and communication. They are the perfect solution for running large quantities of power or data cables overhead or under-floor.  It can be installed in industrial facilities, commercial buildings, or data centres, and it is easily customisable for any specific requirements.

Standard unistrut cable tray is made from pre-galvanized steel and is supplied in 3M lengths.  A variety of sizes are available with widths ranging from 50mm up to 900mm.  And depths range from 15mm known as light duty, to 25mm which is most known as medium duty return flange.  Lastly, the heavy-duty return flange which is 50mm deep.  There is also scope to manufacture bespoke trays to specific requirements.  Unistrut Cable tray is usually pre or hot-dip galvanised – however other finishes, like powder-coating, magnelis and stainless steel, are available.  These finishes are mainly used where more corrosion-resistance is required.

A full range of fittings are available such as tees, intersections, risers and bends to speed up the installation time.  Cable tray divider is for keeping two types of cables separate.  This is generally the case with data cables and power cables which eliminates interference.

Fixing and suspending

There are a few different ways to do this.  Firstly, overhead cable tray hangers.  They can be fixed to a ceiling, then the cable tray fixes to the bracket flange.  Next, there are the stand-off brackets for fixing the tray to the floors, walls & ceilings.  Lastly, there are straight or wrap-over connectors, that connect two pieces of tray.

In summary, whether you’re looking to improve safety, efficiency, or organization within your facility, Unistrut Cable Tray is a solution worth considering. Trust it to keep your cables organized, secure, and easily accessible.

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Our three key commitments to you

We’re fully focused on your first-fix M&E needs

We apply our expertise to help you strivers succeed

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Armaflo Promise: Our delivery commitment

In today’s fast-paced world, timely delivery is paramount for businesses and consumers alike. Whether it’s a critical component for a manufacturing process or a large delivery of goods for a fast-paced construction site, customers expect their orders to arrive on time. This is where Armaflo’s delivery commitment shines, setting a benchmark for reliability and efficiency in the industry.

Our delivery commitment means that when you place an order with us all in-stock lines ordered by 4 pm are delivered the next working day in our van area.  The map shows our van’s delivery areas and the delivery charges for each different area.  Delivery is usually free on orders over £150 (excl. VAT).

How our delivery commitment will help you.

We understand that time is of the essence.  Our commitment to delivering products promptly is the cornerstone of our service. When customers place an order with Armaflo, they can trust that it will arrive in full, and on time with no excuses and no unexpected backorders.  All orders that are sent on our own van are fully trackable and the site contact will receive a text on the evening before the delivery is made.  This will contain a time slot that they can expect to receive their delivery.  You will receive a second text on the morning of the delivery just to keep you updated.

Our delivery commitment extends to our dedicated delivery drivers. These professionals are not just drivers; they are well-trained in customer service and handling products with care. Their friendly and courteous demeanour ensures a positive delivery experience.

We take quality assurance seriously. Every step of the delivery process is carefully monitored and assessed to guarantee that products arrive in perfect condition.  In a rapidly changing world, Armaflo offers flexibility in delivery options. Customers can choose from 3 delivery options, these include standard next-day service, a morning delivery service and a pre-10:30 delivery service, providing the convenience you need in your busy life.

In conclusion, Armaflo’s delivery commitment is a testament to their dedication to customer satisfaction. With a focus on punctuality, well-trained staff, quality assurance and flexibility.  We have set a new standard for reliable and efficient delivery services. When you choose Armaflo, you’re not just getting a product.  We guarantee you will receive the Armaflo experience and peace of mind that your delivery will arrive in full, on time and in the best possible condition.

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Our three key commitments to you

We’re fully focused on your first-fix M&E needs

We apply our expertise to help you strivers succeed

We provide supply certainty on every order

Product Training: Unitrunk Cable Ladder

Ep.2 – Weekly product training, this week with Terry Harmer.

Medium Duty Unitrunk Cable Ladder is for running heavy cables, cable bundles and pipework.  Ladder is ideal for installs where there are long spans between supports because of its heavy-duty manufacture.  It has 300mm spacing between the rungs, so the cables can enter and exit at any point along the length.  This also provides airflow which prevents the overheating of cables.

Ladder is available in both pre-galve and HDG so it can be used in both internal and external applications.  We have supplied this product for installation in factories, warehouses, car parks and supermarkets, just to name a few.

Benefits of Unitrunk Cable Ladder

There are many benefits of Unitrunk Ladder, the first one being in the side wall.  It has an I-Beam profile which is much stronger than the more standard C-Section profile supplied by most other major brands.  The side wall is 110mm deep in comparison to other brands which are only 100mm deep, so this gives you an extra 10mm of depth.  Secondly, the rungs on the bottom of the ladder alternate which is another strength over Legrand as they have all the rungs facing downwards.  The alternate rungs provide much more flexibility in how you use the Ladder and what you can fix to it.

On the side wall, the holes are in the centre of the wall which again adds strength.  Most of the other major brands have holes on the top or the bottom of the side wall.  This can make it a bit weaker where the bottom rungs are attached.  The Unitrunk ladder also has a pre-drilled hole on the side wall where you can attach the earth link.

Sizing and Accessories

This product comes in a variety of sizes from 150mm to 900mm wide, they are all available in HDG and Pre-galve.  All the accessories come with an inbuilt coupler which slot into the tray.  Because of the I-Beam sidewall, you end up with a stronger joint and less movement than other brands.  The accessories fix to the ladder with nuts and bolts.  The bolts have a square shank so they slot into the holes.  This means less movement and less likelihood of it loosening.

The Vertical Adjustable Coupler is brilliant for creating your own angle which you wouldn’t be able to get with the standard risers.  The Long Adjustable Couplers can double up as a reducer as it has the perforations down the length.  The External Flange Clamp sits on the edge of the ladder and can be bolted into a piece of channel which would hold the Ladder down on a trapeze.  Finally, we have the Hold Down Clamps, which slot over the top of the side wall.  They can be bolted into channel or, onto a wall for a vertical installation.

Suspending and Fixing Cable Ladder

One of the most common ways to suspend Unitrunk cable ladder is to create a trapeze using drop rods that support a piece of channel.  The ladder is then placed onto the channel and can be fixed in place with one of the flange clamps mentioned above.  Some contractors also use H-frames for rooftop installations or cantilever arms for running parallel to a wall.

To identify whether a ladder bend is internal or external, see the image below.

Unitunk Ladder


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Our three key commitments to you

We’re fully focused on your first-fix M&E needs

We apply our expertise to help you strivers succeed

We provide supply certainty on every order

Product Training: Sprung Steel Purlin Clips

Ep.1 – Weekly product training, this week with Stuart Wilson.

Sprung Steel Purlin clips are to help suspend various containments from purlins,  they come with an array of attachments.  They are made from sprung steel which means they are highly resilient and can return to their original shape after being bent or stretched.  They are designed to take a static load and not a dynamic load which means that once you have put your containment in place as long as that is staying still the clip will not fail.

Option 1: Horizontal flange clip

Designed to knock onto a horizontal purlin (as pictured in the video).  Our size ranges cover 2-4mm, 5-9mm, 10-16mm, 17-20mm, and 23-30mm.  The smallest size (2-4mm) will take a 72KG workload, whereas the bigger sizes will take 90 kg.  They have a 6.5mm fixing hole which you can suspend wire or chain, or you could attach another angle fitting using an M6 Nut and Bolt.

Option 2: Horizontal flange clip rod hanger

There are different sizes which will take M6, M8 and M10 Threaded rods.  They can be installed exactly the same as option 1, by knocking them onto the horizontal purlin, you can then put in your drop rod and create a trapeze from this using channel, or attach another piece of bracketry that could run conduit, basket or cable tray on.

Option 3: Vertical rod hanger

This one is to go on a vertical purlin, you can get them with different attachments.  They are also available for M6, M8 and M10 Threaded rods.  The safe working load on this clip is 72KG

Option 4: Return flange rod hangers

This bracket hooks onto a purlin with a return flange, this has a much lower safe working load of 20KG as the return flange is the weakest point to attach to, but they are suitable for something lightweight like PVC conduit.

Option 5: Angled profile rod hanger

The same principle as the above option 4, but they can suspend from a 45° purlin.  They have a safe working load of 45KG

Option 6: Z purlin angled rod hanger

This one is also suitable for a 45° purlin, but it will slot on.  The rod hanger attachment is on a swivel so you can get it at the correct angle.

Overall as you can see, Sprung Steel Purlin clips have many benefits and can be used in many different applications.  As always we want to make sure we are making it easy for you to get things right, so if there is any more information you require then please reach out to us today, we’re here for the hard-working independent contractor, giving the certainty of next-day supply, and keeping your projects on the move.


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Our three key commitments to you

We’re fully focused on your first-fix M&E needs

We apply our expertise to help you strivers succeed

We provide supply certainty on every order