Latest News: How to Save Money on Channel Installations

As we all know, most electrical or mechanical installations require channel support systems in some shape or form. However, where these installations are light-duty, they can be over-specified, meaning more expense for technicians and engineers. To ease the impact for Armaflo customers, we’re sharing some expert advice on how to save money on channel installations. Thank us later!

Why do light-duty installations tend to be expensive?

Channel support systems represent essential infrastructure in building services. Whether you’re installing cables, pipework, ducting, lighting or cable tray, you’ll need to provide these components with strong, sturdy support. However, we know that providing that level of support can come at a significant cost.  So – why are light-duty installations usually so expensive?

The answer to that question is simple: overspecification. Time and time again, we’ve seen light-duty installations using 41 x 41mm channel (2.5mm) gauge when they don’t need it. This over-specification will inevitably add to the costs associated with the installation.

How Can I Save Money on Channel Installations?

For light-duty installations, there are several steps you can take to make big savings on costs. Here are just a few of them:

Consider Your Choice of Gauge: As mentioned above, we’ve seen plenty of cases of over specification around channel lengths and gauges. Consider this – depending on the quantity required, the average price for a length of 41 x 41mm channel is around £11.75. By using 41 x 21mm (2.5mm gauge), you can save roughly 20% on costs. By the end of the installation, you’ll see that these savings quickly add up.

Opt for a Lighter Choice: You can also save money on light-duty channel installations by switching to the light gauge (1.5mm). By doing this, you can make an even bigger saving of 38% on the equivalent of 41 x 41 mm.

Check Your Specs: Before you make any choices around channel support systems, you must consult their data sheets to determine various calculations, including safe workloads. To check out data sheets for our channel support systems, simply access a product via the channel support page and download the datasheet. By taking this step, you can ensure that the project will not fail. 

Consult Your Trusted Suppliers: Cutting costs on channel installations begins with knowing the right information. Before you place an order, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our many trusted advisors at Armaflo. We can help you with the perfect system that will cost-effectively provide sufficient support. Go on – just get in touch!

Know Your Safe Working Load: Based on a 1mtr span, a 41 x 21mm length has a safe working load of approximately 30% of that of a 41 x 41mm (2.5mm gauge). Meanwhile, a 41 x 41mm length (1.5mm gauge) will provide a safe working load of around 55% of that of a 41 x 41mm (2.5mm). Work it out, choose carefully and enjoy the savings! 

When it comes to saving money on light-duty installations, it pays to use a lower-profile channel. Aside from lessening the impact on your pocket, taking this step will also lessen the impact on the environment. Everyone’s a winner!

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Here at Armaflo, we understand that many technicians & engineers won’t understand potential cost savings unless they’re aware of the full range of options available to them. That’s why Armaflo stands as a dedicated friend to the strivers, offering not just products but also free and expert advice to guide you in choosing the right channel support system tailored to your spatial, budgetary, and operational needs. Our commitment to helping you cut costs is unwavering. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards optimal solutions and savings!


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