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Product Advice: Cutting & tapping fluid

What is Cutting & Tapping Fluid?

There are many benefits to cutting & tapping fluid is a versatile cutting lubricant that makes metal working easier when cutting, tapping, and drilling!

It is a high-performance metal cutting lubricant which can be used on all tough metals including stainless steel. Additives reduce friction and will keep the metal at a balanced temperature to avoid seizing. Dissipates heat which in turn reduces cutting time, metal scrap and downtime. This protects and extends the life of the tool.

During thread cutting apply cutting and tapping fluid by dipping, spraying or brushing it onto the blade or tool.  It can be used with both handheld tools and heavy machinery making it very versatile.

What products Cutting & Tapping Fluid can be used with?

There is a variety of cutting tools that will benefit from the use of cutting & tapping fluid!

These include the below:

Cutting Fluid

Conecut Taper Drill bits, Dart Holesaws, Dart Dry cut saw blade, Second cut taps and Drill Bits.

How to use Cutting & Tapping fluid?
  • Gently shake the aerosol can and spray it in an upright position.
  • Apply the fluid to the cutting tool before starting the cutting operation.
  • Be very cautious when applying the fluid whilst the machine is moving.
What is Cutting & Tapping Compound

Cutting compound is a specially formulated cutting, tapping, and drilling lubricant which will not break down under extreme pressure. A coating of the cutting compound onto the blade will allow the cutting tool to remove the swarf and cut chips of metal with less friction. It requires less effort when cutting even for the hardest metals.  It will also reduce cutting times and you will see an improvement in the surface finish when using this excellent product.

This product has been made to be suitable for all types of steels and ceramics, and even high-tensile steels. It can be removed with all common industrial degreasers and solvent cleaners like our multi-purpose cleaning wipes.


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