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Latest News: Armaflo becoming more sustainable!

As a business, we firmly believe that we have a responsibility to help achieve Net-Zero to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and become more sustainable.  Which will help meet the UK government’s 2035 Net-Zero target.

That’s why we have been investing once again in helping to build a safer climate and a sustainable planet.

Armaflo has recently been awarded Gold Standard for our offsetting our carbon footprint.

What is Net Zero?

To put it in simple terms net zero means cutting our output of greenhouse gas emissions to as near to zero as possible.  It also means that any carbon emissions created will be balanced by extracting the same amount out of the atmosphere.    There are many ways to remove carbon from the atmosphere.  One example is to plant trees which absorb CO2 and release oxygen.  By reducing our carbon emissions, we are helping the UK reach a wider net zero goal.


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