Purlin Hangers — Everything You Need to Know 

What are Purlin Hangers?

Purlin hangers are a type of threaded rod fixing that, as the name gives away, are compatible with roof framing members (purlins). They are quick and easy to fix to a purlin or flange – which then will hold threaded rod through the body of the hanger to support and suspend cable trays, piping, HVAC systems and heavy lighting features from the purlins either in the roof or ceiling.

The majority of purlin hangers are constructed from either mild steel or spring mild steel. This is due to the low amount of carbon both materials contain, as well as their high resistance to breakage.

As a result of this purlin, hangers are able to carry the weight of the services suspended underneath, without bending or breaking. This also means it’s less likely to break through misshaping, should the supported load be too heavy.

Spring steel has been processed to achieve a high yield strength, meaning it’s able to resist being misshapen by a heavy load, however, it’s slightly more susceptible to breakage.

A combination of the two, which is what our purlin hangers are manufactured from, creates the best purlin hanger for strength and impact.

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Types of Purlin Hangers

Vertical Flange Rod Hangers

A Vertical Flange Rod Hanger is designed for suspending services from purlins that have a vertical flange. With this form of purlin hanger, the threaded rod will go through the hanger at an adjustable height.

Vertical flange rod hangers are the most commonly used throughout the industry due to the common shape of the flange on purlins.

Return Flange Rod Hangers 

This type of Purlin Hanger is designed for suspending services from purlins and angle sections with a return flange. Once positioned, this type of purlin hanger also provides a fixing for threaded rod at an adjustable height.

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How to Fit Purlin Hangers

Installing purlin hangers is a simple and quick operation, and is easily done in just 4 easy steps:

1) Hook the top of the purlin hanger over the flange of the purlin.

2) To ensure it’s in place, use a hammer to fix the purlin hanger into place over the flange.

3) Thread your rod up through the base and centre of the threaded rod hanger, and begin positioning it in the height that you require.

4) Once positioned, use a nut, such as our BZP Nylon Hex Nut for use with BZP threaded rod, or our Stainless Steel Hex Nuts, to secure the rod into place.

Once these fixings are in place you need to ensure you have the right system to install accurate installation.

For cable management, we recommend securing your cable trays with either a central hanger, such as the Pemsa Basket Central Hanger. This works perfectly alongside the Pemsa cable management basket. Alternatively, you can use a Cable Tray Overhead Hanger to go alongside a Stainless Steel Cable Management Tray.

A cable tray overhead hanger provides a supported base for the cable tray, alongside a predrilled hole for your threaded rod to be secured into place with another nut.

Further information on the installation of cable trays and management systems can be found in the National Electrical Code (NEC®) guidebook, section 392, where the instructions and specifications for installation are highlighted.

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps are great for efficient installation of all types of pipework where only one purlin is available to fit a purlin hanger. The EPDM rubber lining helps to reduce noise and vibration whilst allowing room for thermal expansion.

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Which Purlin Hanger Supplier Should You Choose? 

Our range of purlin hangers is designed to last. They boast all the strong properties of mild steel and provide a great foundation for the support of cable management systems, piping, HVAC systems and more.

At Armaflo we stock a wide range of fixings and support solutions for all your needs, and over the years we’ve developed this product range to specifically suit the electrical and mechanical industries.

We know that you’re busy and time is of the essence, which is why we shall always go the extra mile to ensure your job is as easy as possible. Do you need purlin hangers for your next project? Call our friendly and knowledgeable team now on 0113 256 7211 or email sales@armaflo.com

This article was written by Terry Harmer, Managing Director at Armaflo, who has several years of experience of supplying quality fixings and support solutions for the building services industry.

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