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Product Advice: Fire sprinkler installation

Whether you’re a mechanical & electrical or sprinkler contractor working on a commercial premise, residential tower block or public space, the inclusion of strong fire sprinkler systems is a bare essential. From choosing fire-resistant products to specifying the right kind of support systems for fire-sprinkler solutions, we’ve got the advice you need to complete a successful fire sprinkler installation.

The 3 main types of Fire Sprinkler Systems are as follows:

  • Wet Fire Sprinkler System. A wet fire sprinkler system is one of the most common options on the market. …
  • Dry Fire Sprinkler System. A dry fire sprinkler system is filled with pressurised air, rather than water. …
  • Preaction Fire Sprinkler System

When it comes to fire sprinkler installations, opting for high-performance and industry-certified support products is a bare essential. To get our customers off to the best possible start, we’re highlighting our best fire suppression installation products – all available for RAPID delivery!

How to Start the Process

Before you get to work on your fire installation project, take some time to think about what the process is going to look like. Always remember that the key to a successful fire sprinkler installation lies in a strong design that’s based on specific equipment. Adopt that philosophy from the get-go, and proceed from there.

Before you start ordering products, take note of the kind of pipe you use for your sprinkler system as certain supports and clips work best on different types of pipe.

From Rubber-Lined Clips, Filbows and Wrap Around Straps to Side Mount Straps and Two Hole Straps. Make sure you select your pipe support products with care.

Once you’ve carried out your selections, you can get to work on your fire sprinkler installation. Don’t worry – we’ve got some awesome recommendations. Keep reading to learn more!

Product #1: Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps

Rubber Lined Pipe Clamps

Need a strong, sturdy and superior support solution for light pipes? Look no further than one of the latest additions to our inventory: Hinged Rubber Lined Clamps.

Offering high performance at an impressive temperature range of –50˚C to +110˚C, these unique products feature a simple locking mechanism to make your installation job easier than ever. 

  • Made to EU standard of quality 
  • Available for FAST nationwide delivery
  • Welded, stepped boss to suit both M8 and M10 threads 
  • High-performance EPDM lining for resistance to ageing, ozone, UV, salt water, diluted acids & bases 
  • Three grades of metal thickness and two grades of width

Sound appealing? We thought so! Order your pipe clamps here

Product #2: CPVC Pipe Supports

Pipe straps

Where support is needed for CPVC pipes we offer an impressive range of products with many time and hassle-saving benefits. 

Of course, if you do intend on using CPVC pipes, it helps to use straps that have been designed for use on this material.

  • Two-Hole Strap for CPVC Pipe: Two-hole straps rated for use with CPVC fire sprinkler pipe.  The straps have flared edges to protect the piping.  Supplied with mounting screws.
  • Side Mount Strap for CPVC Pipe: Side mount strap which is rated for use with CPVC  fire sprinkler pipe.  The strap includes flared edges to protect piping.  Supplied with mounting screws.
  • Wraparound Strap for CPVC Pipe: Wraparound strap which is rated for use with CPVC  fire sprinkler pipe.  The strap includes flared edges to protect piping.  Supplied with mounting screws.
Product #3: Filbows

Filbows are easy-to-install clips that are used specifically for the securing of steel sprinkler pipes in commercial buildings and come in a broad selection of sizes. 

It’s common sense: if there’s a fire, it is crucial that the sprinkler system remains in place due to water needed to distribute evenly. 

These handy little products are a fire industry essential and offer ease of adjustment both during and after installation. 

Product #4: Female concrete screw rod hangers

Now it’s time for a fire suppression installation best-seller: our Female Rod Hangers!

Designed specifically for overhead threaded rod applications, the self-tapping rod hanger offers a fast alternative to traditional drop-in anchors. 

Installed in less than half the time, it is ideal for any number of jobs including installing sprinkler systems and cable trays. 

They have a dual boss suitable for M8 and M10 threaded rod. 

Start your Fire Sprinkler Installations the Right Way with Armaflo

Here at Armaflo, we’re passionate about connecting mechanical & electrical contractors with the perfect products they need to complete safe, stable and secure fire suppression installations. If you still haven’t found the product you’re looking for, reach out to a member of our helpful team who will be happy to assist you in your product selection.


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