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Product Advice: What is Conlok?

What is Conlok & how does it work?

The Conlok system is an unthreaded conduit system that is designed to speed up installation.  The standard conduit tube is still used, but all the accessories are replaced with the Conlok version.

With the no thread comes many benefits including the fact that it is the only fully galvanised conduit system on the market which means it can offer enhanced corrosion resistance and a much longer lifespan.

Thy system works with a simple grub screw that tightens the grip on the conduit, which removes the need for threading on-site and reduced the risk of injury.

Does Conlok save time & labour costs?

Ask anyone who has used this improved conduit system and they will say the same thing, this system will give you up to 75% time and labour savings.  Because of this, it has been used as the preferred system for many major UK projects.  These sites include the New Heathrow Terminal 2 and the multi-million-pound Francis Crick Institute in London.

And as a side note, you can also use this system with lengths of threaded conduit tube if that is all you have available.

How to install the Conlok System?

Conlok Installation

Cut the conduit tube to the desired length and deburr the end.  Insert the tube length into the required Conlok accessory (similar to the PVC push-fit system).  Then secure the conduit into place with Conlok’s built-in grub screw using the Allen key that is supplied in the box.  Job complete, it couldn’t be simpler!

The video below outlines the installation guide for the Conlok System.

Some of the accessories available in the Conlok range.

This excellent range includes all of the accessories below and can be found on our website.  All accessories come standard in 20 & 25mm.

Conlok Accessories

For more information or any queries please see the datasheet.


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