Product Training: Unistrut IP4X Trunking

Ep.5 – Weekly product training, this week is Unistrut Trunking with Simon Powell.

Unistrut IP4X Trunking protects power and data cables that run along walls or ceilings.  Our standard trunking is IP4X which means it is splashproof, it can’t be submerged in water but it can resist splashes, rain, or other slightly wet environments.  This trunking range has many accessories, the first is a cable retainer.  When the cables need inspecting the lid can come off.  The cable retainer will keep the cables in the trunking, so they don’t all fall out.  The trunking lid has turnbuckles attached which will mean a quick and easy install and makes it easier to inspect the cables.

2 Compartment trunking has a metal divider, which separates data and power cables running next to each other and stops any interference.

All our trunking comes in a pre-galv finish, stainless steel is also available but less common.  Unistrut IP4X Trunking is supplied with couplers, however, lighting trunking doesn’t come with couplers so they have to be purchased separately.  For trunking installs in high-security buildings, such as prisons or police stations, the trunking lid

Trunking Accessories

The Unistrut trunking comes with all the standard trunking accessories, Tees, Bends, Intersections etc.  An excellent plus is that it has a pre-threaded hole in the accessories so you can attach the trunking to the accessory with a screw.  The trunking accessories also come either with a gusset or a square angle.  The square angle means it can fit against the corner of a wall or around a 90° bend without it having to stick out from the wall.

When you are ready to order your trunking there are a lot of size variations.  The main ones are 2 x 2, 3 x 3, 4 x 4, 6 x 6.  Other sizes are available to order but there is a small lead time on the less common sizes.

It is hugely important to be able to access the cables in the trunking at a later date.  To help with this there are 3 access types available, Top lid, Internal lid, and External lid.

IP4X Trunking

Lighting trunking

Used for running light cables and in cases where heavy-duty power trunking isn’t necessary.  The suspension hanger is one of the most used accessories for lighting trunking.  They suspend the lights once the cables are in place.  To cap off the lighting trunking PVC and galv lid is available but sold separately.


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Product Training: Sprung Steel Purlin Clips

Ep.1 – Weekly product training, this week with Stuart Wilson.

Sprung Steel Purlin clips are to help suspend various containments from purlins,  they come with an array of attachments.  They are made from sprung steel which means they are highly resilient and can return to their original shape after being bent or stretched.  They are designed to take a static load and not a dynamic load which means that once you have put your containment in place as long as that is staying still the clip will not fail.

Option 1: Horizontal flange clip

Designed to knock onto a horizontal purlin (as pictured in the video).  Our size ranges cover 2-4mm, 5-9mm, 10-16mm, 17-20mm, and 23-30mm.  The smallest size (2-4mm) will take a 72KG workload, whereas the bigger sizes will take 90 kg.  They have a 6.5mm fixing hole which you can suspend wire or chain, or you could attach another angle fitting using an M6 Nut and Bolt.

Option 2: Horizontal flange clip rod hanger

There are different sizes which will take M6, M8 and M10 Threaded rods.  They can be installed exactly the same as option 1, by knocking them onto the horizontal purlin, you can then put in your drop rod and create a trapeze from this using channel, or attach another piece of bracketry that could run conduit, basket or cable tray on.

Option 3: Vertical rod hanger

This one is to go on a vertical purlin, you can get them with different attachments.  They are also available for M6, M8 and M10 Threaded rods.  The safe working load on this clip is 72KG

Option 4: Return flange rod hangers

This bracket hooks onto a purlin with a return flange, this has a much lower safe working load of 20KG as the return flange is the weakest point to attach to, but they are suitable for something lightweight like PVC conduit.

Option 5: Angled profile rod hanger

The same principle as the above option 4, but they can suspend from a 45° purlin.  They have a safe working load of 45KG

Option 6: Z purlin angled rod hanger

This one is also suitable for a 45° purlin, but it will slot on.  The rod hanger attachment is on a swivel so you can get it at the correct angle.

Overall as you can see, Sprung Steel Purlin clips have many benefits and can be used in many different applications.  As always we want to make sure we are making it easy for you to get things right, so if there is any more information you require then please reach out to us today, we’re here for the hard-working independent contractor, giving the certainty of next-day supply, and keeping your projects on the move.


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Our three key commitments to you

We’re fully focused on your first-fix M&E needs

We apply our expertise to help you strivers succeed

We provide supply certainty on every order