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Product Training: Pemsa Rejiband Basket Tray

 Ep.7 – Weekly product training, this week we cover Pemsa basket with Ryan Harmer.

Pemsa started in 1969 and is now located in over 50 countries globally.  The product we are going over today is the Pemsa Rejiband Basket Tray.  It is a containment product consisting of a mesh of electro-welded rods which provide a high level of strength and elasticity and make it easy to install.  The quick clip system means no screws are required for the supports or accessories.  Therefore offering material and labour cost savings.

There are many installation options available, these include; threaded rods, wire try-loks, omega wall & ceiling brackets, central hanging plates, and suspension hangers.

Pemsa basket comes in a variety of sizes with an option of different finishes.  The standard sizes are the Rejiband 35, rapide 60, Rejiband 60 x 60 double rod, Rejiband 100, Rejiband 150, and Rejiband BLACK C8.  All trays come with zinc protection or they are available in 304/316L stainless steel, Bycro, electro-galvanized, and HDG.

The Rejiband 35 is the shallow 35mm deep cable basket which does not include couplers.  The click connectors are available to purchase here.  The Rapide 60 does have inbuilt couplers which means a much quicker installation time and no extra parts required.  All sizes come with rounded safety edges to prevent any damage to the cables or the installer.

Black C8 pemsa basket is most commonly used in Data centres.  This is because it has no metal whiskers which would interfere with the data travelling along the cables.

The Advantages of Pemsa basket:
    • ◼️ Flexible
    • ◼️ Easily adaptable
    • ◼️ Can save up to 30% more in installation costs over the traditional cable tray.
    • ◼️ The rounded safety edges prevent damage to the cables or the installer.
    • ◼️ Rapide connection system is available.
    • ◼️ Is electrical continuity guaranteed according to standard IEC61537?

It comes in a large variety of depths and sizes.  The range of depths includes 35mm, 60mm, 100mm, and 150mm.  The range of widths includes 60mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, and 600mm.

Pemsa Rejiband Basket Tray

Pemsa basket accessories

There is a large range of products that support the Pemsa basket.

    •  ▪️    C bracket – can be fixed to the ceiling.
    •  ▪️    L bracket – this fixes to the wall
    •  ▪️    Strut clips – for fixing the basket to channel.
    •  ▪️    Central hanging plates – ceiling mounting of the basket tray using a length of threaded rod
    •  ▪️    Click connectors – used for sizes that don’t include the rapide connectors
    •  ▪️    Joint clamps – for creating bends and tees.
    •  ▪️    Channel hold-down clips – to fix basket down to channel.
    •  ▪️    Suspension hangers – used for suspending the basket with rod.
    •  ▪️    Base supports– for channel, wall, ceiling or floor installation
    •  ▪️    Side supports – used for wall installations and for ceiling installations, using threaded rod.
    •  ▪️    Gland bracket – used to run cable through if you need a tee or bend in the basket.

There are no bends or tees available for the basket as you just snip the basket and bend it around wherever you need to go.  Or you can use joint clamps to make a tee by joining on another length of basket.

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