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Product Training: Phenolic Blocks

Ep.16 – Weekly product training, this week we cover Phenolic Blocks with Terry Harmer.

Phenolic blocks serve a crucial purpose in piping systems by effectively isolating pipe clamps from the pipework.

This isolation minimizes heat transfer and thermal bridging, essentially acting as a protective barrier between the pipe and the clip.  These blocks are specifically designed as load-bearing insulation rings compatible with steel, copper, and PVC pipes.

    • ▪️ Each block is wrapped in a foil covering, providing an efficient vapour barrier.
    • ▪️ Blocks larger than 50NB are equipped with a metal spreader plate to distribute the load evenly.
    • ▪️ Constructed from high-density Phenolic foam, ensuring durability and reliability.
    • ▪️ Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from -50°C to +110°C.
    • ▪️ The blocks are coated to help prevent corrosion of copper pipes.
    • ▪️ Compliant with BS 5970 standards and CE-marked, meeting EU safety, health, and environmental requirements.

Phenolic blocks are available in various sizes, ranging from ½” NB to 6” NB (15mm to 159mm OD).  The thickness options include 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm.  NB (Nominal Bore) refers to the inside pipe diameter, while OD is the outside pipe diameter.

To install, use unlined pipe clamps or split band clips to secure the blocks around the pipes.  Determine the required pipe clamp size by adding twice the thickness of the block to the NB or OD of the pipe.  For instance, if using a 25mm thick block with a 28mm pipe, add 50mm (2 x 25mm) to the pipe size, resulting in a required pipe clip size of 78mm.

What makes Walraven Phenolic Blocks exceptional?

Walraven Phenolic Blocks stand out as exceptional support solutions in construction and industrial applications.  Crafted from cellulose fibres and resin, these blocks boast exceptional strength, durability, and resistance to environmental factors.  Also, their unique manufacturing process and stringent quality control standards set them apart in the market.

These blocks offer numerous advantages, including an impressive strength-to-weight ratio that surpasses wooden blocks.  They are lighter, more thermally efficient, and better at maintaining vapour barriers.  Therefore making them ideal for heavy load support with enhanced safety and cost savings due to reduced replacement needs.  Their lightweight nature and consistent dimensions make them easy to work with and customizable for specific project requirements.

With a foil covering applied at the factory, Walraven Phenolic Blocks are impervious to moisture, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, ensuring longevity in diverse settings.  This resistance to environmental factors makes them a top choice where traditional materials might degrade over time.

Walraven Phenolic Blocks meet industry standards, stamped with the CE mark, signifying compliance with the Declaration of Performance and adherence to rigorous manufacturing procedures.  This mark assures users of reliable technical information about product performance and facilitates easy comparison with other products, reflecting consistent quality standards.

In conclusion, Walraven Phenolic Blocks offer unmatched strength, resistance, and versatility, making them the preferred choice for professionals seeking reliable support solutions.  Investing in these blocks ensures the longevity and safety of construction and engineering projects, making them a wise choice for any endeavour.


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