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Product Training: Zip Strut-Lock

Ep.3 – Weekly product training, this week with Rick Harmer.

The Zip Strut-Lock comes in M8 and M10 and is generally used within the HVAC and M & E Industries where your standard containment is used.  The Strut-Lock works with 41 x 41 and 41 x 21 Channel or angle iron.  Insert the threaded fixing through a square plate and into a channel nut.  Then twist the channel nut into the Channel and tighten it up.  You can then pass the 2mm wire through and create your trapeze.

Once the trapeze is made it can then be your platform to run Cable Tray, Cable Basket or Trunking.  It can also be used to fix rubber-lined clips direct to the channel.  The Trapeze can be made in multi-layers, so you can run multiple layers of services depending on the requirements of the project.  The Strut-Locks are not suitable for use in areas of elevated heat or moisture, so can’t be installed outside or in swimming pools etc.

Benefits of the Strut-Lock System.

They are very flexible in installation, meaning they can be hung from most ceilings with ease.  Can be installed very quickly and once they are installed they are easy to adjust to the required height.  The Strut-Lock system reduces huge amounts of material as they replace the need to use threaded rod lengths.  This in turn means the system is more environmentally friendly.

The M8 Strut-Lock has a SWL of 45KG Per wire, this means that per layer they can take 90KG.  The M10 have a SWL of 90KG per wire, so they can take 180KG of weight per layer on the trapeze.  The M10 Strut-Lock uses a 3mm wire which is a more heavy-duty fixing therefore it can take more weight.

Zip clips offer this product as a system which comes with the lengths of wire.  These systems are available in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10M lengths.  There are many other manufacturers of wire, but Zip will only guarantee their Strut-Lock if you use it with the Zip wire.  They also do a coated wire option for more decorative installations, but the Strut-Lock is not compatible with this wire either.

There are multiple fixings that can be used to secure this system.  Whether it be into a ceiling or around a purlin, Zip has it all covered.

Strut-Lock Trapeze


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