Latest News: 5-step process to dealing with Armaflo

“TRUST” Everyone knows it’s the essential ingredient of any business connection or transaction.  That is why Armaflo put it first and foremost in everything we do!

If you’ve not been in touch before or need refreshing as to the trusted Armaflo way, please read on!  Below is a 5-step process to dealing with Armaflo leaving you with no doubts but to get in touch and enjoy the Armaflo Experience today.

1. How are your enquiries and orders processed?

Sending enquiries or orders with your MEP purchase requirements couldn’t be easier. Either send an email listing your project needs to or call our energetic supportive team for help and advice. Your enquiry will be efficiently processed by our internal sales team.

You will receive a lightning-quick response, usually with a quote, within the hour. If more detail is required, we will be in touch about the exact requirements and commit to a time frame that suits your needs.

We then input the items from your enquiry into our order processing software, review the products, and check for accuracy and stock availability. If some of the products don’t match, e.g. M8 penny washers and M10 nuts wouldn’t be used together, then we will be in touch just to clarify your request.

This is to safety check and be sure about the items that you want. If there are any stock shortages, we’ll ask if you’d like to choose an alternative product or come up with a different solution.

In situations where you require 6-metre lengths, we may ask if you’ll consider choosing 3-metre lengths instead (for ease of transport and speed of delivery).

Following all questions being substantiated, we will calculate your special prices and provide you with a quotation or order acknowledgement. Our quotes will include how long the prices are held (this varies depending on the market & lead times). All data sheets can be downloaded from our easy-to-use website

Once we’ve submitted the price/quote, you can expect a call from our sales professionals.  This call will generally be on the same day before the order cut-off at 3:30 pm. This will be to see if you need the goods the next working day. When the order lands our Customer Service team will process your order and add any special notes that you may have requested. We of course reply with a thank you acknowledgement… and be assured we won’t forget your free-of-charge chocolate gift.

Where technical help or bespoke solutions are required, an internal meeting between our technical sales team & strategic sourcing team will take place.  We will then bring you, the client, a clear understanding of all the available options and a full scope of your technical requirements.

Detailed drawings and designs particularly for roof support items can be drawn up upon request.

2. What systems are used to deliver your order to your site?

When your order is sent, it is entered into our ERP system. That’s when we scan through your order, double-check the delivery dates, and any specific delivery requirements or times, and make agreements upon any amendments needed.

Our planning software Maxoptra helps us to plan your important delivery. In our strive to go green and become completely carbon neutral, the software devises the most economical way to use the least amount of fuel and therefore leave a smaller carbon footprint. Meanwhile guaranteeing that you can take delivery of your order within the agreed delivery window.

Our accurate hard-working warehouse team, will neatly package your order and load it onto one of our fleet of vehicles. Confirmation will be sent to your order contact who will be informed when the order is out for delivery.

With our vast range of stock of over 2000 lines, we can largely guarantee delivery the next day (unless a different delivery date has been requested). For any stock shortages, we will give you notice or come up with a solution prior to despatch.

At the delivery point, our drivers will take a photo to prove that the order was delivered. All of our own drivers and most of our 3rd parties use the software to capture the signature. At this point, any specific comments can be added as well.

On occasions, the person who ordered the goods is not the same as the person receiving the delivery. If you want to know where your order is, we can give you an (ETA) estimated time of arrival all thanks to the detailed tracking Maxoptra gives us. If the delivery has already been dropped, we can send PODs to help you in tracking down the materials.

3. What promise do you receive with your orders?

We don’t leave you high and dry once an order is placed, we guarantee you will receive exceptional support from our dedicated customer service team.

Any problems or questions you may have, be it a missing item from an order, or simply checking on when delivery is expected, you can ask us and we will answer. Just call us on 01132567211 or send an email to with your query.

Upon despatch of your gratefully received order, your site contact will be advised via text or email that your order is out for delivery often with an expected delivery window.

Handling returns! We know it can often be a difficult discussion to have that’s why we make it easy for you! There is certain criteria that must be met for you to be able to return some previously ordered goods. If you are returning goods because you no longer need them, then we will normally incorporate a restocking delivery fee. As you would understand, the goods will have to be in resalable condition.

If the goods have been specially made to order, we will confirm at the point of order that these items are non-returnable. Our systems and processes are kept simple to make it easy, for you, the customer.

4. How is the seamless quote-to-invoice process handled?

How often do your invoices go into the query pile? We know the answer and yes it’s very frustrating dealing with invoice issues! That’s why we have invested in software that makes for a seamless transfer all the way from quote through to invoice!  We can guarantee there will be no pricing, missing order number or product questions saving you the time and hassle out of your busy day.

We raise our invoices 2 days after the despatching of your goods.

So, what is our payment process like? We will either ask you to pay upfront or will have negotiated a credit account on 30 days EOM. If you require a credit account, you can download our form on the home page of our website A response will come within 12 hours and if you need a quicker response, you can call and speak to your dedicated account manager. At Armaflo we like to keep it simple.

There are certain standards that have to be met when opening an account. If you meet our credit checking and insurance criteria your account can be speedily opened as above.  If not approved we will be in touch to come up with a solution around a potential cash sale account.

5. Are you ready to move forward

Now you’ve had a guide through the hassle-free Armaflo process are you ready to take the next step? I can guarantee you will love the Armaflo experience!  Our goal is to make your purchasing journey so easy that you can never believe you hadn’t tried us before. We will gladly welcome your enquiry and look forward to becoming “your go too” for help and advice.

So what’s stopping you…? let’s go!

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