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Rooftop solutions

Armaflo Advice: Rooftop solutions

Rooftop solutions for supporting rooftop installations. Every project comes with its own construction needs and challenges. For rooftop installations, this is no different. Today’s flat...

Product Training: Zip Strut-Lock

Ep.3 – Weekly product training, this week with Rick Harmer. The Zip Strut-Lock comes in M8 and M10 and is generally used within the HVAC...

Steel Conduit

Product Advice: Steel Conduit

What is Steel Conduit Tube? Steel Conduit Tube is a very well-used product in the M&E sector.  It is used to protect exposed wires, in...

Product Advice: Sprinkler Hangers

Sprinkler Hangers are an underestimated product and are used for securing pipes, mainly fire sprinkler pipes for sprinkler system installations. They can be purchased in...

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