Product Training: Switch Socket Boxes

Switch Socket Boxes
Ep.15 – Weekly product training, this week we cover Switch Socket Boxes with Roy Harmer.

Switch and socket boxes, also known as back boxes, play a crucial role in electrical installations. These boxes are made of either metal or plastic.  They are securely fitted into walls to house the wiring connections and components of electrical outlets and switches.

These back boxes are available in two sizes: 35mm deep and 25mm deep, providing flexibility for various installation requirements. Where a larger number of cables or thicker cables are being used, the 35mm deep back box provides more space.  Both depths are available as either a single or double option.

Plastic Back Boxes

Plastic back boxes are ideal for stud partition walls, constructed with a wooden stud frame and finished with plasterboard. The plastic back boxes have two lugs that tightly clasp onto the plasterboard.  Therefore ensuring a secure fit as the face plate is attached.

Metal Back Boxes

On the other hand, metal back boxes are designed for solid walls like stone, brick, and breeze block. These back boxes are installed by chiselling a cut-out in the wall material, and their metal lugs provide a robust connection when the face plate screws are tightened.

The primary purpose of an electrical socket back box is to provide protective housing, preventing accidental contact and reducing the risk of electrical shocks or fires.

In some cases, an electrical box may be set too far back into the wall. Back box extenders or box extension rings are available to make the box flush with the wall, ensuring a neat and professional installation.

When choosing the depth of your back box, it’s crucial to consider the specific requirements of your installation. If you’re replacing an existing back box, it’s advisable to stick with a like-for-like replacement, unless you’re also changing the face plate. Some plates may require deeper back boxes, so be sure to check before you purchase.

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