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Product Training: DART Holesaws

DART Holesaws
Ep.14 – Weekly product training, this week we cover DART Holesaws

Did you know that the DART Holesaws outperform other leading brands by up to 3 times?  It has a proven track record of durability and performance.

Hole saws stand as versatile tools indispensable to various industries, from construction to plumbing. Within this realm, the 8% cobalt bi-metal hole saw emerges as a symbol of precision and durability, showcasing innovative features designed to elevate cutting performance and efficiency.

Crafted with a blend of high-speed steel and 8% cobalt alloy, these bi-metal hole saws boast exceptional strength and heat resistance.  The cobalt pushes the heat away from the teeth which prolongs the cutting life and enhances performance across a wide range of materials.  Some of the materials include wood and plastic to stainless steel and aluminium.

If the holesaws don’t have the cobalt they heat up very quickly when cutting through harder materials (metal) and blunt the teeth!

Innovative Cooling Slots

Equipped with strategically placed cooling slots, the DART holesaws ensure efficient heat dissipation during operation. By reducing heat build-up, these slots prolong tool life and maintain cutting precision, even during prolonged use in demanding applications.

Variable Pitch Teeth


The incorporation of variable pitch teeth in our hole saws facilitates smoother cutting action and minimizes vibration. This innovative design enhances cutting efficiency, resulting in cleaner, more precise holes across diverse materials and thicknesses.

Precision Set Teeth

On the DART premium holesaws the teeth are set at a slight angle to each other.  The reason for this is to allow for aggressive material penetration.  If the holesaw teeth were set in a perfectly straight line, there would be no clearance for the body of the holesaw causing it to jam.

Clean Cuts, Every Time

Our hole saws are engineered to deliver smooth, burr-free cuts, leaving behind clean, professional-grade holes. Whether working with wood, metal, or composite materials, users can expect impeccable results and minimal post-cutting cleanup.

Gaps for Heat Expansion

Strategically placed gaps in the teeth of our hole saws allow for controlled heat expansion during operation. This innovative feature minimizes the risk of blade binding and ensures continuous cutting performance, even in high-temperature environments.

Multi-Material Versatility:

Designed to excel across a diverse range of materials, our hole saws offer unparalleled versatility. They are suitable for cutting aluminium, metal, sheet metal, milk steel, steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, cast iron, hardwood, softwood, wood with nails, plastic, chipboard, MDF and plasterboard.  And this is not exhaustive!

One thing to keep in mind, once the holesaws have been used in plasterboard, they will not work as well with metal.  This is due to the abrasive nature of plasterboard!

Comprehensive Size Range

The DART hole saws are available in a wide range of sizes, catering to diverse cutting needs and project requirements.  There are 65 sizes available ranging from 14 – 210mm, which is the largest size in the industry!  Whether tackling intricate detail work or large-scale installations, the extensive selection ensures the perfect fit for every application.

Best Cutting Practices

To maximize the performance and longevity of DART holesaws, it’s essential to adhere to best-cutting practices. This includes using the appropriate cutting speed, applying adequate lubrication, and ensuring proper tool alignment for each application.


To join this excellent product, DART has comee out with their new universal quick-release Arbor.

To read more about this please visit their blog here!


Elevate your cutting experience with our precision-engineered hole saws, featuring 8% cobalt construction, innovative cooling slots, variable pitch teeth, and precision set teeth. With clean cuts, multi-material versatility, and a comprehensive size range, our hole saws set the standard for excellence in cutting performance. Experience the difference and unlock new possibilities with our range of professional-grade tools.


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