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Product Advice: Features of Cut Channel & Rod!

Cut Channel & Rod
Stand out features of cut Channel & Rod you should know!

With the modern-day construction site, we all know the extra levels of health and safety therefore we are always asking contractors how we can boost efficiency with the ever-increasing demands of site work.

One of the most regularly asked questions is “Can we buy channel and threaded rod in bespoke cut lengths?”. The simple answer is yes, and here are several reasons that contractors have shared as to why it’s so beneficial.

  • Health & Safety

The on-site risks of cutting steel products are so high with sparks that could cause fire and also the possibility of bodily injury.

  • Permits:

There’s no need for expensive hot works permits or machinery.

  • Efficiency:

Having pre-cut lengths delivered to a site can save labour time resulting in up to 50% on your labour costs.

  • Quality Control:

The precision of cuts is hard if not impossible to achieve without the correct costly machinery.

  • Waste:

Buying pre-cut products eliminates excess offcuts and reduces the amount of on-site packaging.

  • Cost:

Significant labour savings with up to 50% of your time save in cutting.

  • Space:

Space can be used much more efficiently, as designated areas for cutting are effectively removed.

That’s why we offer our excellent hassle-free cutting service with the quickest lead times.

Simple steps to planning your project.

First and foremost, if you calculate the weight of the cable or pipes you are supporting you can then, use our datasheet which is downloadable from our website, to calculate what size channel you need. Channel Datasheet.

Please note, projects are often specified with 41mm x 41mm x 2.5mm used whereas 41mm x 21mm lightweight could be used, which would give you vast overall project saving savings.

So an example is, if you have 30kg to support on a 1mtr span of channel standard 41mm x 41mm x 2.5mm channel could take up to 190kg whereas you could use 41mm x 21mm lightweight channel which could give you up to 35kg giving you approx—40% product savings. Please note load points make a big difference in weight loadings.

To help you work out what the (N) newton to (KG) Kilogram conversion is 1N = 0.10197 kg.

Our industry-specific focus on the electrical and mechanical sectors enables us to tailor our products and services to provide the best customer service every time. Discover the benefits of the Armaflo Experience today with our celebrated metal-cutting service!

The Armaflo Metal Cutting Service: Get Started Today

When you choose the Armaflo metal cutting service, you can expect a hassle-free order and delivery service that redefines quality in the industry.

To get started with your metal-cutting project, reach out to a member of our team who will be happy to help.


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