How to Fix Cantilever Arms

Cantilever arms fixed to a wall.

What are cantilever arms? 

Cantilever arms are a structural fitting made from steel that, when anchored to a wall or surface, provide support to objects and infrastructure. Ideal for supporting HVAC units or cable tray, cantilever arms offer a quick and easy method of support and sometimes storage. 

The structural support unit is fixed at one end only and the load is held by the protruding metal bar. The weight of the load held by the ‘arm’ is transferred into the supporting base/surface to ensure strong weight-bearing capacity. 

Cantilever arms can also be purchased in single and double styles providing greater weight-bearing ability because of the reinforced depth of the metal. 

Cantilever arms are available in lengths from 150mm to 900mm in the single-arm type and 450mm, 600mm and 750mm lengths in the double. The size of the AC unit orchannel will determine the length of the cantilever arm that is required. 

Cantilever arms packaged on a trolley.

How do you fix cantilever arms? 

Cantilever arms can be installed in many ways to work with different surface structures. For a racking style, they can be connected to metal uprights with bolts and based on size and requirements, can be inserted where required on a slotted upright strut. 

Cantilever arms can also be applied to internal and external surfaces with the correct anchor fixings such as loose bolt shield anchors as these work with brick, concrete and stone.

With a hot-dip galvanised finish, Armaflo cantilever arms are made to resist the tests of wear. The steel composition of the cantilever arms enables them to retain their strength for long periods of time while remaining low maintenance with their rust-resistant coating and smooth surface.

Given that cantilever arms are designed to weight bear, we recommend medium to heavy-duty anchors for the best peace of mind as these offer the most tensile strength for larger loads. 

The stainless steel through-bolt anchor provides high performance through concrete for a stronghold. Sleeve bolt anchors offer an elongated expansion sleeve, making it suitable for use in brickwork. 

To make fixing cantilever arms even easier, Armaflo stock condenser wall units to ensure your work is ready-to-go and simple to fit. They can be mounted to any brick/concrete or block walls. They are fully adjustable on the width and with the two sizes of arms, can take any unit up to 600mm deep.

Each kit contains:

  • 2 x slotted 41 x 41mm channel – 750mm
  • 2 x cantilever arms (450mm or 600mm)
  • 2 x black end caps
  • 8 x M10 x 25 penny washers
  • 8 x M10 plain channel nuts
  • 8 x M10 x 30 set screws
  • 4 x M10 x 40 penny washers
  • 4 x M10 x 75 loose bolt shield anchor

Cantilever arms, with the right base/connecting struts, can be fitted to walls or ceilings and to free-standing structures. This gives electricians and installers a better opportunity to get the best spot for application.

Cantilever arms fixed externally

Where to buy cantilever arms

Armaflo’s range of cantilever arms are designed to last. With great weight-bearing capacity, they are the ideal solution for cable management, storage and system support. 

Combined with our variety of durable anchored fixings, cantilever arms can be used in a variety of locations depending on the requirements of the project. With strength in design and versatility in application, you can work with the layout of a project and with a bolt-and-fix approach, the installation process is simple. 

Do you need cantilever arms for your next project? Contact Armaflo on 0113 256 7211 or email


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This article was written by Terry Harmer, Managing Director at Armaflo, who has several years of experience of supplying quality fixings and support solutions for the building services industry.

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