Product Advice: Lindapter decking fixings

Lindapter decking fixings

In the world of fixings and support solutions, Lindapter is a household name – and it’s not hard to see why. Driving innovation in the steel industry since 1934, this brand has become celebrated for its specialist range of steel fixings and clamping systems. But how do these products work? What type do you need? How much should you expect to pay? We answer all of these questions and more in the latest blog from Armaflo. Check it out!

Here at Armaflo, we’re proud to say that we’re an official UK supplier of Lindapter products. Packing impressive strength and eliminating the need for drilling or welding. These innovative products are the ultimate alternative to traditional fixing methods and can be used across a versatile range of applications including:

-The suspension of cable management systems 

-The provision of structural support 

-The securing of metal beams

-And much, more!

Aside from their versatile industry application, Lindapter Decking Fixings are supported by a number of unique benefits compared to traditional fixing methods. Keep reading to find out!

The Unique Benefits of Lindapter Decking Fixings

Forget costly, time-consuming and labour-intensive installations. The pros at Lindapter have combined decades of experience and expertise to offer tradesmen something that’s a little bit smarter. Here are just a few reasons why these products have made Lindapter a household name:

-Independently approved

-Eliminates the need for drilling or welding 

-Designed to fit inside the dovetail re-entrant channels of popular composite decking profiles 

-Avoids delamination and damage to the decking 

-Reduced costs (only hand tools are required for decking installation)

-No requirement for a power source 

-And above all – these products are safe, stable and simple to use!

The benefits of selecting a Lindapter decking fixing doesn’t end there. When you work with this celebrated supplier, you can enjoy the added benefits of their amazing technical support service and live product webinars, helping you get the most out of these products from day one. But what Lindapter product is best for your task at hand, and how much will it cost?

How to specify the perfect Lindapter decking fixing

With all the options that Lindapter offers, specifying the perfect product can be a challenge. Whether you’re supporting pipe work; fire protection & sprinkler systems, cable management, HVAC or electrical equipment. However, choosing the right Lindapter fixing will largely depend on where you intend to use it, and what safe working load you’ll need. 

To make this decision-making process as easy as possible, we’ve listed some of the key Lindapter products we sell, along with their application, safe working load and price. Thank us later!

AW Alphawedge – Ribdeck AL, E60 & 80 profiles, SWL of 1kN available in M8/M10

Type MF MetFloor 60 & 80 profiles, SWL of 1.47 kN available in M8/M10

MW2 Multiwedge 2MD60 & MD80 profiles, SWL of 1.47 kN available in M8/M10

TR60 TR60 & 80 profiles, SWL of 1kN available in M8/M10

TC toggle clampService suspension from pre-cast hollow core slabs as well as SHS, steel sheeting or purlins, SWL of 2.45kN available in M10.

Need More Assistance? You Can Count on Armaflo

Still undecided on what kind of Lindapter Decking Fixing is right for the job you’re on? Don’t sweat it. Here at Armaflo, we’ve got the inventory and expertise to help you specify the right product for the task. For expert guidance on product specifications, contact a member of our helpful sales team today.


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