Product Training: Pipe Clips

Pipe Clips

 Ep.10 – Weekly product training, this week we cover Lined & Unlined Pipe Clips with Roy Harmer.

Lined & unlined pipe clips are the support mechanism for suspending rigid and copper pipes. Suitable for horizontal, overhead or vertical applications against any surface. To ensure that all pipes are securely fixed, pipe clamps are essential as they allow for expansion or movement that may take place.

There are many different pipe clamps, including rubber-lined, hinged, unlined, zinc-plated and stainless steel. They are all designed to suit simple fix-in-place applications and complex scenarios involving pipe movement or heavy loads. Pipe fixing failure is the worst possible situation but can cause significant and costly damage to a building, so it is critical to get it right.

Rubber Lined Clips

Let’s start with Rubber-Lined Pipe Clips. These clips feature a rubber lining made of EPDM, a synthetic rubber, which helps to reduce vibrations, prevent corrosion, and provide enhanced grip on pipes.  They are ideal for situations requiring vibration damping and corrosion protection, such as HVAC systems and industrial piping.  Rubber lined clips are compatible with steel, copper, and various plastic multilayer pipes, accommodating a pipe range from 15mm to 250mm.

Unlined Clips

Unlined Pipe Clips don’t have a rubber lining, which means they still offer a stable grip on pipes but just without the cushioning or vibration damping.  They are suitable for applications where minimal vibration is expected, and they find common use in industrial and construction settings.  Unlined pipe clips are compatible with steel and copper pipes and are commonly paired with phenolic blocks.

We stock a range of clips that cover pipes from 15mm to 176mm in diameter.  Both types share essential features, including a dual-threaded boss suitable for both M8 and M10 threaded bars.

The screws have a hex drive and a pozi drive which ensures easy installation.  They also have an anti-loss washer, which provides stability and reliability in your pipe support applications.

For more technical information please see the datasheet on our website!


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