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Product Training: Conlok Systems

Product Training: Conlok System

Ep.6 – Weekly product training, this week we cover the Conlok systems with Dan Shorto.

A conduit is a tube in which electrical wires run for a variety of building or structural applications. Conduit protects wires and any individuals who may come into close proximity to the wires.  There are two different conduit systems available, the Conlok and the standard threaded conduit system.  Today we go over the benefits of the ConLok system, and why it is a much better system than the traditional threaded conduit.

The ConLok range is made from malleable iron and is HDG-coated.  This differs from the traditional conduit as it has a thread cut through the HDG coating.  This results in unprotected steel which is vulnerable to corrosion.  It is the only system on the market that has an unbroken HDG finish,  therefore it is a great choice for outdoor use or environments with exposure to chemicals.


Benefits to the ConLok system

This system has a dramatic decrease in the time taken to install compared to the traditional conduit system.  You just slot the accessory onto the tube and tighten the grub screw.  This for example prevents the installer from having to thread the tube, and then screw on the accessory.

The HDG coating means there is an enhanced resistance to corrosion and the coating protects the steel completely, which in turn means the conduit lasts for much longer and doesn’t have to be replaced.

For any more information see our detailed blog here.


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