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Product Advice: Rapid sliding wall bracket

Rapid sliding wall bracket

Rapid sliding wall bracket, this product has become hugely popular with electricians for fixing electrical boxes and conduits within stud walls. The bracket allows maximum flexibility for positioning and provides a strong, easy-to-install surface onto which the services can be fixed. Gone are the days of finding and cutting pieces of timber, these brackets are ready to use straight from the box saving valuable time! We are proud here at Armaflo to be a huge Stockist of this truly unique product!

This bracket is the perfect alternative to using wooden noggins for mounting electrical boxes, conduit and pipework in stud walls and floor joists.

Features and benefits of the Britclips® RSWB
  • ▪️  Extendable bracket for faster mounting of electrical boxes, conduit and pipework.
  • ▪️  Can be fixed to wood or metal joists.
  • ▪️  Shorter version expands from 10-16″ (25-40cm).
  • ▪️  Longer version expands from 16-24″ (40-60cm).
  • ▪️  Quicker and easier to install than traditional methods.
  • ▪️  Can be set at multiple depths.
  • ▪️  A lightweight product made from high-quality galvanised steel.

Electricians who have used this product have said:

– “The Walraven RSWB has quickly become an essential part of our first fix process”

– “These are a time saver in every way!”

– “So easy to use and versatile”

– “A revelation!”

Pipe fixing has never been easier with the RSWB

Plumbing and heating engineers have recently discovered the benefits of using the RSWB. The 10-16” bracket is perfect for floor joists and non-standard stud spacing. Simply screw the pipe clips straight in.

Plumbers who have used this product said:

– “This is so handy for using in floor joists for running pipes through under floors”

– “You won’t regret getting these. I ordered 20, then after using one I ordered a whole box for the van!”

– “So much more convenient and better looking too”

– “These are a game changer!”

Watch the below Video to show the true versatility of this unique product. Get yours today from Armaflo rapid-sliding-wall-bracket

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