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Product Advice: Rejiband® Rapide Basket

Here at Armaflo, our community of customers have their work cut out for them; often working to tight deadlines with lots of tasks on their to-do list. With this challenge in mind, who has the time to waste on frustrating basket tray installations? To make this process as speedy and simple as possible, we stock Pemsa’s Rejiband® Rapide Basket Tray.  The rapid connection system saves you time and hassle!

It’s true: certain installations can be quite time-consuming on the job, and basket tray installations are no exception. Luckily, the experts at Pemsa have innovated to provide electricians, technicians and installation professionals with a solution that is speedier, safer and simpler to use.  Introducing the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray – the screw-free system that is set up and assembled in two simple steps!

Requiring no screws or fastenings, Pemsa’s latest basket tray offers the unique range of features you need to finish the job to a high standard with next to no effort. Let’s take a look at the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray and why you should make the change to this handy and innovative solution!

Rejiband Rapide Basket Stray: Fast, Strong and Simple

So – what is the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray?  This product is a wire mesh tray made of steel, equipped with a quick-connect Click system and a rounded safety edge for the effective support and management of cables. Manufactured according to international standard IEC 61537, the wire mesh rods that form this cable tray provide an impressive level of strength and elasticity. 

Unlike many cable management solutions, the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray is incredibly easy to assemble thanks to its unrivalled flexibility and quick-connect Click system. This allows the connection between sections of trays without the need for any screws.  It allows users to make big savings in material and labour costs. Indeed, thanks to its pre-fitted couplers, users can expect to reduce installation time by a whopping 40%!

Let’s take a look at the advantages of this amazing product, one at a time:
    • ▪️ Better than the rest: When we say the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray is better than the rest, we mean it. This product’s rapid connection system features a top-loading click, making it ideal for trapeze-style installations. 
    • ▪️ Big savings: Thanks to its high resistance, its flexibility and its ability to adapt to each project, users can make a saving of more than 30% on the installation. We like the sound of that!
    • ▪️ A safer system: Forget safety concerns when using the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray. Thankfully, this product includes a rounded safety edge that prevents damage to the cables and harm to the installer.
    • ▪️ Faster installation: This product takes the definition of ‘rapid connection system’ to new heights. Thanks to its pre-fitted couplers, users can reduce installation time by 40%!
    • ▪️ Size selection: The Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray is available in a range of flange heights of 35, 60 or 100 mm and widths of 60, 100, 150, 200, 300, 400, 450, 500 and 600 mm with a wide range of accessories.
Where Can I Use My Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray?

This product is flexible and highly versatile and can be used for several applications. These applications include:

  • ▪️ Civil Works.
  • ▪️ Tunnels.
  • ▪️ Car Parks.
  • ▪️ Public Buildings.
  • ▪️ Shopping Centres.
  • ▪️ Major Infrastructures.
  • ▪️ Airports.
  • ▪️ Underground.
  • ▪️ Railway.
  • ▪️ Tertiary sector.
  • ▪️ Naval.
  • ▪️ Petrochemical.
  • ▪️ Textile.
  • ▪️ Chemical.
  • ▪️ Food.

The list goes on! To see a video of the Rejiband Rapide Basket Tray in action, check out the clip below!

Order Yours Now: Contact Armaflo Today

As the UK’s leading supplier of containment and support solutions, Armaflo is passionate about providing high-quality solutions to the electrical and mechanical industries. To enjoy the advantages of Pemsa’s Rejiband® Rapide Basket Tray, order yours now. Alternatively, view our full range of cable management solutions or contact us today to discuss your unique requirements,


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