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Product Advice: Steel Conduit

Steel Conduit
What is Steel Conduit Tube?

Steel Conduit Tube is a very well-used product in the M&E sector.  It is used to protect exposed wires, in commercial and domestic projects.  The conduit is made from galvanised steel which is suitable for external environments.  The steel is designed to withstand corrosive effects of certain chemicals and other contaminants they could be exposed to.  Each length comes with fully threaded ends and 1 coupler for your installation.  It comes in 3M and 3.75M lengths.

Available accessories.

The conduit system comes with a huge array of accessories that all come standard in HDG.  They all come fully threaded for easy installation to the conduit tube.  This system includes the Angle Box, Back Outlet Box, Tee Box, Terminal Box, Through Box, U Box, Y Box, Couplers and much more!

Steel Conlok

Conlok compatibility with Conduit.

The Conlok conduit system is an excellent product, one of the best in this industry.  To put it simply, it is designed specifically to save 75% of labour time.  The thread is replaced by a grub screw that comes in the accessory.  The Conlok system will also work with the standard threaded conduit system and comes with all the same accessories in 20mm and 25mm.


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