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Product Training: Lindapter Decking Fixings

Ep.4 – Weekly product training, this week with Simon Thewlis.

Lindapter has been based in Bradford since 1934.  An engineer named Henry Lindsay invented the Lindsay Bolt Adapter.  The product clamped steel beams together without any drilling or welding.  Henry combined Lindsay and Adapter to create the famous brand name, Lindapter!

Lindapter has several product ranges, but we are focusing on their decking fixings today.  4 of the most widely used types are in our catalogue – Type MF, TR60, AW Alphawedge and the MW2 Multiwedge 2.  These fixings are all CE and UKCA-approved and fire-rated for up to 90 minutes.  All the decking fixings fit into the re-entrant channels of popular composite decking profiles.  This provides a secure and cost-effective connection point for suspending mechanical and electrical services.  Also, the zero-impact fixing method means no damage to the decking.

Our catalogue includes the TC Toggle Clamp.  It is designed to suspend services from pre-cast hollow core slabs (minimum core depth 75mm).  They are quick and easy to install, made in M10 and FM approved!

What is Composite Metal Deck?

It is a Sheet of thin, profiled steel used for the formation of reinforced concrete floors in steel-framed construction.  All the Lindapter decking fixings fit a specific profile.  There are a variety of decking manufacturers, these include AMD, Kingspan, Richard Lees, and Tata Steel.  There’s a suitability chart in our catalogue which outlines the required Lindapter decking fixing, but if the decking profile isn’t on the chart you can reach out to the Lindapter team.

How to install the decking fixings.

Most of the decking fixings come in two parts, either a bracket and wedge or a locking plate and wedge.  In demonstrating the fixing process we’ve used the Type MF which works with CMF’s Metfloor profile.  See the video for the demonstration.  Depending on the lindapter type, the bracket part of the fixing will either slot into the re-entrant channel or sit underneath.  Once in place, tightened the bolt to the specified torque (see fixing instructions.)

A variety of containment can be suspended from the rod.  These include pipes using pipe clamps or filbows, basket trays or ladder using suspension fittings or any cable containment that can be used with a wire trapeze.  There are different SWLs on the fixings, the Alpha Wedge is rated for 1.0kN (102KG) and the Multiwedge 2 is rated for 1.47kN (150KG).


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