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Armaflo Advice: The Benefits of Zip-Clip Products

The benefits of Zip-Clip products are practically endless, giving the user ultimate freedom to take control of their suspension solution. With a range of products in stock from this leading brand, Armaflo explores the various advantages of Zip-Clip products and why they’re a strong alternative to products like threaded rod. Check it out!

When it comes to suspension and support products, there’s a lot of choice out there. However, Zip-Clip has become an industry icon for its innovation of high-specification suspension systems for a range of HVAC, electrical, signage and seismic requirements. 

Zip-Clip: Performance Meets Convenience

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, here’s a bit of an explainer on what Zip-Clip products do. Zip-Clip products are manufactured from a superior-quality zinc alloy. The oil-impregnated sintered metal wedge is used to offer a stable locking solution, with their stainless steel spring ensuring the wedge engages first time. Meanwhile, the galvanised high tensile wire guarantees a higher Safe Working Load (SWL) than any other product on the market.

When all of these elements are combined, you’ve got a handy fastening and support solution that joins the top of the ranks in the world of engineered suspension products. Where convenience and astounding strength are a must, look no further than Zip-Clip!

The Advantages of Zip-Clip Products

Here are just a few of the reasons why Armaflo customers continue to use these unique products:

  •  – Proven Performance: The power of these handy products is fully supported via independent testing which is conducted by leading organisations such as NEL/TUV, Lloyds British, Apave, MTS and Satra, with Zip-Clip products achieving UL certification. 
  •  – An Alternative to Threaded Rod: Need a solution to solve your HVAC, electrical, mechanical or signage suspension needs? Do you usually turn to threaded rod? Well, now it’s time to try something a little bit smarter. Based on a simple yet highly effective locking mechanism, Zip-Clip products are easier to handle, easier to install and guarantee greater versatility than threaded rod. What’s not to love?
  •  – Ultimate Convenience: We get it, you need strength. However, you also need a solution that’s as convenient as it is powerful. That’s where Zip-Clip products come in. Thanks to their ingenious design and high-tensile galvanised wire rope, you can ensure your lock engages from the very first attempt. After all, who’s got time for complex, hard-to-use products?
  •  – Enhanced Health & Safety: Any fixing or support solution must place health & safety requirements as its top priority. Zip-Clip products tick all of these boxes with an unparalleled level of health & safety due to their improved logistics and no need for power tools. 
  •  – Boosted Productivity: Regardless of your sector of industry, one thing is true – productivity is of the utmost importance. Zip-Clip products allow their users to boost productivity by significantly reducing labour time and tooling efforts. Nifty!
  •  – Improved Logistics: The unique features and benefits of Zip-Clip products can improve logistical capabilities across all areas of your organisation or production process. This is due to less material content and by allowing you to work in full confidence that your inventory can be securely installed.
Where Can I Use Zip-Clip Products?

The benefits of these innovative products are clear. Now you may be asking yourself, “Where can I use Zip-Clip products?”. To answer that question, here are just a few examples of sectors where Zip-Clip products can have a transformative impact: 

  •  – Retail, including shopping centres and movie theatres;
  •  – Commercial, including hotels and new office fit-outs;
  •  – Industrial, factories and large production facilities;
  •  – Educational settings, such as schools and universities;
  •  – Food processing environments; and
  •  – Medical settings, such as hospitals, clinics and care homes.
Uses for Zip-Clip products:
  •  – Electrical containment installations;
  •  – Mechanical containment installations;
  •  – Heating ventilation & air conditioning installations;
  •  – Seismic bracing; and
  •  – Acoustic ceilings.
Armaflo: Your Trusted Supplier for Zip-Clip Products

As the UK’s leading supplier of general fixings and support solutions, Armaflo is proud to stock a range of products from Zip-Clip. Browse our full Zip-Clip range or reach out to a member of our expert team to find the perfect solution for your business.


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