Product Advice: Threaded rod hangers

Threaded rod hangers
What are Threaded Rod Hangers?

Female rod hangers, also known as tapcons, socket bolts, concrete rod hangers, etc., are self-tapping concrete screws.  They have a  dual bossed threaded socket suitable for both M8 and M10 threaded rods.

Male rod hangers have the same type of self-tapping concrete screws but have a stud on the other end which can be used to thread a pipe clip straight on to.

Both types of hangers can be used in numerous ways mainly for suspending pipes, channel systems, cable containment, and ducting systems from overhead concrete.

Being ETA-approved, they are suited for use in cracked concrete and non-cracked concrete.

What is an ETA approval?

The British standard BS 8539 advises that where an ETA-approved anchor is available for a specific application, it must be specified.

As an ETA-approved anchor undergoes a complex testing programme, against defined standardised testing standards, it can determine the quality and suitability for use in an application.

Suppose an ETA anchor is specified and fitted correctly into the approved application. In that case, it demonstrates that all parties have carried out the required due diligence to reduce the risk of suspension failure.

No site testing is required where the manufacturer provides data for the substrate in question and competent operatives carry out the installation under supervision.

How do you install Rod Hangers?

1: Using an SDS drill bit, drill a 6mm hole to the correct depth stated on the datasheet.

2: Blow out the excess debris with the blow-out pump.

3: Screw in the rod hanger using a 13mm socket. Never overtighten as you will weaken the concrete.

With concrete screws, there are 2 essential rules when installing.  The first thing is the size of the pilot hole.  The second thing is to ensure you don’t exceed the maximum torque value.

What are the benefits of using rod hangers?

There are many benefits to using threaded rod hangers. Designed specifically for overhead threaded rod applications, the self-tapping Rod Hanger offers a quick alternative to traditional drop-in anchors. You can install them in less than half the time which saves the highest cost of on-site Labour! They are the perfect solution for several jobs including installing sprinkler systems and cable trays etc.

For more technical information please see the datasheet on our website!


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