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Product Advice: Wedge nuts

Wedge nuts
Your Wedge Nut Guide

Also known as V Nuts as they are placed in the V channel of hollow ribbed steel decking, they have a tapped hole to accept threaded rods/bolts. Available in sizes to suit M6, M8, M10 and M12.

Ribbed steel decking is produced in many different types by a variety of manufacturers but the one thing they have in common is that their profile has a dovetail recess (v channel in the decking).

This recess allows for a fixing such as a specific Lindapter or Walraven decking fixing or wedge nut to be inserted into the v channel rotated 90° and wedged into position to provide a secure fixing for a threaded rod or a bolt.

Wedge nuts get their name from the way they wedge against the sides of the v channel and are also known as v nuts after the v channel that they fit into.

Each type of ribbed steel decking has its own unique dimensions for their v channel and will have different profiles and pattern markings to help installers identify the type of metal decking used and the fixing required to suit.

Wedge nuts come in various sizes to suit the specific v channel of the most common decking types. Below is a brief summary of some common wedge nuts, their dimensions, thread and suitable decking types:

wedge nuts

Standard Wedge Nuts

Suitable for the following Steel Decking Types and are available in M6 up to M12

  • CMF MetFlor 55
  • Kingspan Multideck 50-V3
  • SMD R51
  • Tata Steel Comflor 51
  • Richard Lees Superib

And their sizes

Width Top – 24mm

Width Bottom – 19mm

Height – 12mm

mini wedge nuts

Mini Wedge Nuts

Suitable for the following Steel Decking Types and are available in M6 up to M10

  • Richard Lees Superib
  • Richard Lees Ribdeck 60

And their sizes

Width Top – 21mm

Width Bottom – 17mm

Height – 10mm

mini mini wedge nut

Mini mini wedge nuts

Suitable for the following Steel Decking Types and are available in M6 & M8

  • Tata Steel ComFlor 60
  • Tata Steel ComFlor 80

And their sizes

Width Top – 18mm

Width Bottom – 10mm

Height 9mm

Identifying the different types

A simple way to help you identify between the three main sizes of wedge nuts is the standard and mini-mini wedge nuts both have pointed corners and the middle size mini wedge nut has round corners. The reason behind this is that if a contractor comes across a type of wedge nut that has already been used with the decking on-site, having the middle version with round corners and the size difference between the other two, makes it straightforward in advising the type of wedge nut that is required.

There is a number of different wedge nuts on the market from Type MF decking fixings, Multiwedge 2’s, TR60’s and SD2 Slimdeck 2’s just to name a few. You’ll find many insightful and useful tips here on Lindapter’s webpage…  Lindapter decking fixings and also on Walraven’s webpage…Walraven decking fixings

For any further advice or help be sure to get in touch with our helpful sales team today contact us!



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